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Bat - Kookaburra Ghost 
Kookaburra Ghost Bat

New for 2016 - Monster - a giant profile with minimal scalloping...For the players looking beyond the boundary. WILLOW TYPE - Premium Grade 3 Unbleached English Willow. SWEET SPOT - Mid Blade (210 - 230mm from toe). Kookaburra bats are all engineered to maximise the size of the sweet spot, by optimising the edge , spine and scallop profiles. EDGE PROFILE - Square (40 - 44mm). Increasing the edge profile minimises the power loss caused from 'off centre' shots. FACE PROFILE - Flat ‘Power Plus’ Face. The Flat Face profile levels out the striking area allowing more mass to be retained in the back and edges of the bat. By maximising the amount of willow behind the striking area, the bat gains a larger profile and produces more power. SPINE HEIGHT - Super Spine (64 - 68mm). Players want bats to look as big as possible; hence they want the spine to be as high as it can be. SCALLOP - Approximately 1 - 2mm. BOW - Approximately 12 - 14mm. HANDLE - Oval Powerdrive. Kookaburra handles utilise multiple pieces of specially selected cane to enhance strength. This reinforces the bond between handle and blade thus maximising durability and power transfer. GRIP - Max. WEIGHT 2lbs 9oz - 2lbs 13oz

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